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5 Sentences - DiexShinya - Dir en grey - 1/1 - Whispers in the darkness
Give me a kiss of death...
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Date: 2009-12-06 03:47
Subject: 5 Sentences - DiexShinya - Dir en grey - 1/1
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Music:Nana sleeping in my bed x)
Tags:diexshinya, one sentence
Title: 5 Sentences
Chapters: oneshot
Author: melinen aka daishimel
Genre: general/romance
Disclaimer: The same old song aka no owning
Rating: PG
Pairings: DiexShinya
Synopsis: Five unrelated one-sentence fics.
Comments: Written for die_shinya's Christmas calendar, Day 5. Still one day left to be claimed. *hint*
Also, I know I am late. I officially hate my laptop; hopefully Santa brings me a new one. x)


If Shinya was an animal, he would be a feline without any doubt for he moves in the same graceful way, Die thinks as he looks at his lover while said lover slowly makes his way to him, clad in only that enticing half smile of his and long curls cascading down his neck; excitement wells deep within Die and his hands itch to wrap around that narrow waist, to pull that slender body close and cover those plush lips with his, but he’s patient for he knows that Shinya is well worth waiting for.

Kings and Queens

In their little game of make believe Shinya has always been his queen; graceful, elegant, a little distant but with passion enough to burn them both down to dust should Die be careless and let his mind slip; but Die has learned from the best, able to cover the flames within him with the ice Shinya’s whole being reflects while other eyes are in the room, and he knows not to act on his desires, to leave their little secret as it is: a secret.


Shinya’s skin is cold underneath Die’s touch, fingers always freezing when he seeks Die’s warmth, entwines their fingers and presses his body against the guitarist’s, but Die doesn’t mind being Shinya’s personal hot water bottle even when time is short and they should really be out there already, with the others and not in their comfortable bed in some random hotel room (for wherever there is Die, Shinya feels comfortable and vice versa) but sometimes, warmth just is more important than such trivial things like being on time.


Shinya hates being lied to, but sometimes he finds himself hoping that he could hear those white lies instead of the assuring words from his band mates for he doesn’t want to be loved, especially not by their one and only formerly red headed idiot of a guitarist; and yet, deep inside, he knows that despite what he tries telling himself, in reality he couldn’t be happier with their words, and all he is waiting for is for Die to gather up his courage and take the initiative – and him.


Shinya’s used to being passive, the one who gives up on fights, bows down and hides his annoyance behind cool words and light embraces, not to allow the other party to have their much-needed victory but because he doesn’t have it in him enough to care; when he’s with Die, though, the other won’t let him get away with it so easily, no, he expects him to actually talk to him, to open up and learn to share, for sharing is caring and Die knows that his lover cares for him – and Shinya, albeit unwillingly, finds himself complying for the first time in his life.
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