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On A Whim - DiexShinya - Dir en grey - 1/1 - Whispers in the darkness
Give me a kiss of death...
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Date: 2012-01-06 01:13
Subject: On A Whim - DiexShinya - Dir en grey - 1/1
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Tags:diexshinya, one-shot
Title: On A Whim
Chapters: oneshot
Author: melinen aka daishimel
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: The same old song aka no owning
Rating: PG-ish
Pairings: DiexShinya
Synopsis: "And I'm in love, and I'm terrified" (the prompt)
Comments: For lady_sb in die_shinya's December calendar, day #13.

Die never meant to fall in love.

He had been attracted to Shinya for the longest of times, though, so when an opportunity presented itself, with the both of them being single and consenting adults and all, he decided to go for it.

They were at some random bar somewhere in Taiwan at that time; it was relatively late (or early, depending on the way you looked at it – and Die was looking at it through a glass of beer) and the others had seemed to have mysteriously disappeared, leaving the two of them together at the table. It looked like a big party had been held there, around that particular table, filled with empty glasses as it was, though most of it had been consumed by someone else (whether that hypothetical someone else or an actual one, Die didn’t much care at the moment), naturally.

Die let his eyes drift over to Shinya who was nursing his third beer of the night (Die had counted, on a whim) and looking somewhat dreamy. Then their eyes met and Die acted, again, on a whim: he smiled, asked Shinya to dance with him and offered him his hand. To his mild surprise, Shinya accepted the invitation, which eventually led to a shared bed for the rest of the tour.


Shinya never meant to fall in love.

Sure, there had been attraction in there, probably from day one, but he never seriously thought about doing anything to it, until the night when Die took the initiative came.

There, in Die’s bed (or, conveniently in their shared bed for they had been roommates since their arrival in Taiwan), Shinya watched the sleeping Die, his mussed up dark hair that only carried a hint of red in it anymore, the way Die’s long eyelashes shadowed the skin under his eyes and his slightly parted full lips that Shinya wanted to kiss over and over again, and a realization hit him. He wanted more than just these passionate nights for the duration of the tour (their tour fling, as they had been playfully referring to it and sharing a secret smile when no one was looking), he wanted Die permanently into his life. Wanted it, although the thought of being in love had never been discussed, had in fact been shied away from with easy grace from both parties, with nervousness being clearly there though unvoiced and carefully tugged away from reality; none of that mattered as much as the need to have each other close and to keep it that way, too, damnit.

In the morning, when they had made love as if they had all the time in the world, Shinya asked Die to share his life with him.

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