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Whispers in the darkness

Give me a kiss of death...

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Welcome to daishimel, melinen's fanfiction journal. Here you will find all of my fanfictions and occasional other writings as well.

Most of my works will contain slash/yaoi. That means male x male relationships. Like, kissing and occasionally even having sex with each other. If that isn't your cup of tea, I strongly suggest you to leave this journal now. Otherwise, feel free to take a closer look.

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I love comments. Be it constructive criticism, random babbling about how my fic made you think about something or just you saying that you liked my fic, every comment is appreciated and if concrit is provided then I shall do my best to learn from it. So if you read any of my fics, feel free to leave a comment and make my day a bit brighter.
I mostly write about Dir en grey as it is my current favourite band. My all time favourite pairing and OTP is DiexShinya so you will find plenty of fics with that pairing here. I do write other pairings as well, though, for example KyoxToshiya, KyoxKaoru, KaoruxToshiya, KaoruxShinya, GacktxShinya and GacktxMana. And as I'm trying to expand the list of the bands and pairings I can write the results will hopefully be seen sometime in the future.

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My other fandoms are Forgotten Realms, Star Wars, Harry Potter and some others.

Fics that have the rating of R or above will be friends locked, others will most likely remain public. Feel free to friend this journal if you are interested in my writings, I'll friend you back once I notice it.
General disclaimer: I do not own any of those beautiful j-rockers I'm writing about, they belong to themselves and their parents obviously, nor am I making any money out of this. I'm simply writing because I enjoy it, end of story.

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by kalypartemis

Other disclaimers:
J.K. Rowling for Harry Potter series
R.A. Salvatore for Forgotten Realms series
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All my fics can be found at my fanfiction archive where they will be added after posting.

My communities
mel_graphics ~ my graphics community; dainya ~ a Die, Shinya and DiexShinya centric graphics community
shinya_love ~ A Shinya pairing community; fortheloveofdie ~ A rare Die pairing community; rare_k_love ~ A Rare Kyo and Kaoru pairing community
gacktxshinya ~ GacktxShinya pairing community; die_shinya_kai ~ A DiexShinyaxKai pairing community; diexshinyaxkao ~ A DiexShinyaxKaoru pairing community
dxs_drabbles ~ DiexShinya centric drabbles community; ktk_drabbles ~ Kyo, Kaoru and Toshiya pairings centric drabble community
dxs_love ~ DiexShinya centric community with annual challenges; dxs_rp ~ DiexShinya centric role playing community
random_jpairing ~ A community for non-conventional jmusic pairings; jrock_ideas ~ A community for people who love jrock
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The Final is love